Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer TV Suggestions Anyone?

I love TV and summer is TV time for me. Seriously, I go on marathons without my favourite shows. I watched Supernatural (5 seasons) in a week and a half last year, not including weekends. 7 episodes a day. Yeah, I love TV. I'm on the lookout for something new though since I don't like repeating stuff. I rarely re-read or rewatch.

Shows I love and watch regularly are The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Then Gossip Girl. As you can tell, mostly CW shows so expanding my view is no  problem. I'm fine with TV from any channel.

So stuff I like/need/want include:
- at least one full season
- nothing more explicit than 14A
- an actual overall plot
- hot guys :)
- drama

I know many bloggers with the same tastes which is why I'm asking you guys for help. Have any recommendations?

So far I'm pondering...
-True Blood
- Criminal Minds
- Pretty Little Liars
- Nikita

What do you think of those? Are they good? Any suggestions are welcome, though I've already seen Buffy and Angel.

Thanks for the help!


  1. I watch Nikita and love it! Lots of action, romance, mystery, and witty dialogue. ;)

    (Oh, and cute/hot guys! Can't forget them.)


  2. I love TV too. I guess what I am looking forward to the most this summer is Big Brother. Usually Eureka and the Closer come on in the summer too.


    XOXO Angela's Anxious Life

  3. If your looking for something no higher than 14A I wouldn't watch True Blood, it's a really good show and I watch it, but I'm almost 20, there's a lot of things in it that aren't the best for younger people. Criminal Minds is pretty good and I like it, right now though I'm catching back up on Psych and even watching the old ones I've seen, I really like that show haha


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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