Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cover Wars: The Elite vs Shadow of the Mark

Cover Wars is when I post two covers, and you basically get a week to vote for your favourite. The winner continues on to next week, and it's kind of cool seeing which covers work and which don't. In the comments section we can discuss what we like about what cover, and it's basically some fun and friendly competition.

Last week's battle resulted in a comfortable win for The Elite, a cover that's turning out to be a force. This week The Elite face offs against Shadow of the Mark by Leigh Fallon. Both girls are in dresses, both covers are moody, and both covers have this simplicity to them that I love.

The Elite (The Selection, #2)Shadow Of The Mark (Carrier, #2)

I love pretty dresses and these dresses are both gorgeous. I like that both covers feature dresses that flow down and that those dresses are the focal point of the cover. Beyond that, I think any of these covers could win. It's up to you though.

Here's what you do: vote. I'll have the poll up all week, so you can support the cover you love.

Which is your favourite cover?

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  1. The problem I have with Shadow of the Mark is that it really looks photoshopped; her skin and hair look unnaturally coloured, and her dress just looks ridiculous to me. :P As for The Elite, I adore the pleats on the dress, the title font treatment and the centering of the girl. That rich red-orange is just lovely, too. :)


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