Review Policy

When reviewing, I'm honest and fair. I'll point out good and bad points to a story. I'll never bash a book or insult the author. I'll also repeat that this was just the way I personally felt and I don't ever discourage people to read a certain title.

How I write a Review
I include the cover image and a brief summary of the book. Next, I'll voice my opinions and end off with a star-rating. After reading a book, I will write a review if I have a lot to say about a certain book. I try to always have at least a five paragraph review.

Genres I review
YA and MG (rarely MG)
-urban fantasy

I'm not much of a genre person though. The story needs to appeal to me. I will never take on a story I'm nor sure I'll enjoy since I don't like writing negative reviews.

I have a Kobo Touch which I will use to review ebooks so I can only accept ebooks that work with Kobo. This is new to me so I ask for patience if you want me to review an ebook. Right now I'm limiting the number of ebooks I have as I start to put myself into the habit of reading ebooks. Remember that though I officially accept ebooks now, I'd much rather prefer hard copies if possible.

Also, I live in Canada so that's something to consider if you're interested in having me review a book.

For tours of any sort I'd appreciate early notice. At least one month before the actual date. That means if you want me to review a book for a tour, I'll need the book a month my post. For guest posts two weeks would be the limit. I love being part of tours but I need to make sure I have everything done early so that everything functions on the date of the post.

Book Publicity
Another point of having a blog is to showcase books. There are many books that get a lot of publicity but some books that are equally good don't get as much. While Tantalizing Illusions will not be accepting advertisements, emails about books I could check out are welcome. If it's a pretty cover I can feature a book on Cover Wars. If it  has an interesting trailer I'd be happy to post that. If I just love it and can't wait to read it  I can post it as a Waiting on Wednesday choice. Whatever it is, I'd like to help get the word out about your book- provided it fits the YA specifications I posted above in the "Genres I review" section above.

Contact Me
Thank you so much for considering Tantalizing Illusions and if you have any questions, feel free to send an E-mail to

I'll try my best to answer in timely fashion and I hope I can be of service.

- P.E.
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