Thursday, June 6, 2013

Moving on to The Sirenic Codex, My New Blog

Hi everybody! I haven't been around very much lately but not for lack of reading or writing. I've been working on a pretty interesting new project.

I've always liked blogging but I've always enjoyed reading and reviewing more. For me, the hardest thing about being a blogger is having quality content and posting the content I do have. That's why I was pretty happy to collaborate with Mari to create a new blog that both of us will use. It's a YA book blog and we're both looking at it as a fresh start.

I've enjoyed blogging at Tantalizing Illusions. I'm so proud of this blog and every time I receive a comment, it makes my day. I hope you'll follow me to The Sirenic Codex because there will be a lot of quality content; reviews, spotlights, and features. You already know what I can do, and Mari is a pretty fantastic blogger herself.

I've appreciated my time on this blog and I'm going to keep this blog around as a reference, and something to look back to, although I will stop posting on here. Thank you all so much for being great followers and showing a girl that yes, people do care about her opinion.


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