Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review: Aries Rising

Star Crossed: Aries Rising
Author: Bonnie Hearn Hill
Pages: 304
Publisher: Running Press Kids
Source: Library
Synopsis: Aquarius Logan McRae is a high school sophomore in Terra Bella Beach, CA and has been working all semester to impress her teachers in order to get into the summer writing camp she desperately wants to attend. But when this ordinary girl finds an extraordinary book, Fearless Astrology, her life is changed forever. Applying what she’s learned about the zodiac, she lands her own column in the school paper and a date with the hottest guy in school!

But when Logan threatens to catch the members of a secret society called The Gears, who have been vandalizing school property by reading the stars, she quickly learns that she is in over her head. Will Logan be able to catch The Gears, save her love life, keep her newspaper column, and get into the writing camp of her dreams all through the use of astrology?

I love reading about astrology (I'm born on the Libra-Scorpio cusp by the way) so I was super excited to read Aries Rising.

Aries Rising is about Logan. Logan is a pretty average girl with awesome friends, but I wasn't too interested in her character. Logan has issues with her mom who's always away so when she sees the book "Fearless Astrology" she knows it will change her life. From there we see how Logan's life changes with the help of astrology.

I loved the astrology. It was written in an easy to understand way. I tried researching astrology and it is hard but Aries Rising presented the information in a fun way. That was my favourite part of the book. There are parts that you'll need research to understand but most of it is pretty straightforward.

The story itself didn't really pull me in too much. The characters felt empty. They didn't feel distinct and I hoped the plot would pick up faster. The ending was interesting but still not big enough. Logan's life was too normal for me. I want a bit more drama and I wasn't getting that in Aries Rising. If you like books about normal people with something different, this book is a great choice.

Overall a nice reading experience enhanced by astrology. I actually would read Fearless Astrology if it was a real book since it sounds like so much fun! I will be reading Taurus Eyes, the sequel. 3 stars,



  1. I really liked the sound of this-shame it was a bit of a disappointment!

  2. It was an average read, with unique aspects so maybe you'll enjoy it more than me?


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