Sunday, May 22, 2011

In My Mailbox (6)

In My Mailbox is an awesome weekly meme (with credits to Kristi from The Story Siren) which is all about the awesome books you received throughout the week. Maybe you bought them, they're for review, they're borrowed from the library, or you won them. Doesn't matter! IMM is about sharing the love of books and to promote books that might not necessarily be reviewed.

(And since you're here [HI!] feel free to send a Goodreads friend request. Every book I read, plus some extra mini reviews are posted there and I'd love to meet you. )

This week, all my books are from the library. I owe the library so much...

*All titles link to Goodreads. :)

Intertwined (Harlequin Teen)The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal BallBetween Shades of GrayThe Gathering (Darkness Rising, Book 1)
Intertwined (Goodreads)The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal BallBetween Shades of GrayThe Gathering
Gathering BlueHunger (Riders of the Apocalypse)Jellicoe RoadRules of Attraction
Gathering BlueHungerJellicoe RoadRules of Attraction

I for one am super excited! Some of these are books I only heard about thanks to bloggers. What's in your mailbox?


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I am so excited I decided to check yours out. I am in LOVE. I am so jealous of your library selection though! My library doesn't carry hardly any good YA books. If you need any blogger friends though I would be more than happy to be one! I deff had to follow you, I think I'm gonna go check everything else out now

    Chelsea @ Random Girl

  2. @Chelsea,

    Aw, THANK YOU! I'd love to be friends. :)

    I live in a moderately big city so almost every book I want is there. If not, I request it and the library gets it for me. I place tons of holds on the new books, I doubt you can find any of these books on my library's shelf.

  3. I live in a semi big city, it's not too big but it's not small enough to be considered a small town haha. We do have two libraries one in my town and one in the bigger town next to me but they just don't get new books. I wish they did, because I would have holds on all of them too!

  4. Isn't the library wonderful :) I hope you enjoy The Gathering! I was a big fan of her Darkest Powers series and was really glad to see this series start off just as strong!

  5. @Miss Becky: I doubt I'd read near as much without the library. I'm thinking of showing my support by volunteering during the summer.

    @Chelsea: That really sucks. At least there's ebooks, right? Netgalley and Galley Grab and the such...

  6. Omg your library must be amazing!!! Mine hasn't gotten new books in years. I got Jellicoe road this week too =]

  7. @P.E. yeah I'm a big fan of netgalley but I have no idea how to get invited to use Galley Grab, so I'mn pretty sure I'm missing out there haha

  8. You got great books! The Gathering and Rules of Attraction are really good. Enjoy reading!

    - Chel
    The Procrastinator's Corner

  9. @Chel: Thanks! I loved Perfect Chemistry and the Darkest Powers so I know these books will be tons of fun to read. :)

    @Chelsea: I don't know much about GG either. I would tell you if I knew.


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