Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review: Bree's Fire

Bree's Fire

Author: Eva Roy
Pages: 300
Publisher: iUniverse Star
Source: Library
Synopsis: Bree Blake is just a normal teenager, living a normal life with her normal friends and normal family. She's normal, sure ... if it's normal to be able to spy on her boyfriend through visions and summon windstorms when she's angry. So maybe Bree Blake isn't so normal after all, but her uniqueness is her own little secret-that is, until the arrival of Andrew-a handsome Scottish boy who insists on becoming Bree's friend.

Bree suspects that Andrew may be onto her. She suspects he may know about her mysterious abilities, and this worries her. More worrisome, though, are the recent attempts on her life, which seem to coincide with Andrew's arrival.

Should Bree trust the sexy Scot, or should she avoid him altogether? Does she even have the willpower to avoid him? She may not have the freedom to make her own decision, as the secrets of her past bring them closer together. A story of love, magic, and mystery, Bree's Fire will make you believe in the unbelievable, as one young woman navigates her path through the ways of Wicca ... and, perhaps, love.

Bree's Fire is a magical tale of romance and action narrated by a fierce protagonist.

There is much magic in this book. Bree herself contains many abilities and later on even more are revealed by herself and others around her. The magic is a very strong element in this novel and it's a nice part. It all makes sense and fits together.

Bree, our protagonist is fiery. She's impulsive and blunt. I wasn't too fond of her though. She was a bit too inconsiderate of others at times, but she's lived a hard life. I guess having magical abilities you can't control takes a toll on you.

Bree and Andrew's romance is nice. I'm glad that Bree is a bit more sensible than the typical YA teenager who falls in love with the gorgeous guy and when she discovers their secret, she still loves them unconditionally. Bree takes things slow and is mistrustful but still realistic.

One thing I wasn't too fond of was the page layout of the book. The words were very dark and close together. This may not bother other people but I didn't like reading that way. I was focusing on the pages more than the story. An amazing story is one that you forget you're reading- it's just so real that you ignore choice of word and you don't remember that an author wrote this all. I didn't feel that with Bree's Fire.

The plot was decently paced and surprising. There were many parts that I never would have guessed and they were original. Bree's Fire was interesting to read.

All in all, Bree's Fire is a tale that will appeal to all of those fond of heavy magic and a bit of Wicca. I didn't get hooked into the story but it was still a good story. 3 stars,


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  1. This looks really quite good! I love a little bit of Wicca and magic. (:
    Brilliant review, and new follower!
    Thanks for having a look at my Fortnight of Guests! :)


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