Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Thoughts: Book Social Networking Sites

Look to the side bar of almost every blog and you'll find they're listed on a social networking site. Twitter and Facebook being the most common. 

There are book networking sites too. After some (rather lazy) searching, I found four networking sites just for books. 

1. Goodreads. Goodreads is the site most common. It's kind of like Facebook for books and I have an account on this site. I like it because it's easy to use and there are lots of opinions so it's a huge community. There are many reviews. 

2. Library Thing is a useful resource for cataloging books. It looks to be a bit more professional than Goodreads and I find there's a smaller community there. I had a brief account here and then decided it wasn't for me. They have good things like the Early Reviewers books. 

3. Shelfari is another site site owned by Amazon. I don't have an account there so I don't know what that means but from my experience, Shelfari has pretty cool graphics. It calls itself an "encyclopedia for book lovers" so there aren't as many reviews as Goodreads. It is my second favourite of the sites I'm listing though. 

4. ANobii firstly has a cool name (it's Latin for bookworm). The graphics on this site are good, but it doesn't seem to have a large quantity of reviews. It's a nice looking site though so I haven't heard or seen much about it. 

My question(s) to you, lovely blog reader, is/are which sites do you have an account on? Why? What are your experiences with these sites? Which is your favourite?

Oh, and if you leave a user name for Goodreads or Twitter I'll be sure to friend/follow you. Happy Friday!


  1. I use facebook, twitter and goodreads. I set up an acct. for shelfari and library thing, but I don't use those that much.

    I started my book club on facebook(because that's where my friends where and I wanted somewhere to talk books.) but through that I found goodreads, and the blogging world. I do love facebook.
    Goodreads is fun because I can keep track of my books I read or want to read. I use to take part in different groups on there but lately I don't have the time.
    Twitter, I mainly use to have my blog posts go on there. I am a horrible twitter' I sometimes post my reviews and tag an author or talk to some people when I happen to catch a post they do. But I only use it for book talk. Nothing personal.

  2. I'm on facebook, twitter and goodreads.
    I have a Shelfari but I don't really use it much.

    Add me on twitter if you like @Barmy_Bex

  3. @Bex: I did!

    I use Goodreads most to organize books. Twitter I sometimes tweet stuff that I'm reading twitter chats and parties, stuff like that. I go on it periodically.


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