Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Dead Rules

Author: Randy Russel
Pages: 376
Publisher: HarperTeen
Source: Library
Synopsis: When Jana Webster dies in a tragic accident, she finds herself transferred to 'Dead School' in the afterlife, where students fall into distinct cliques. Risers (good kids who died innocently), Sliders (bad kids, who have one foot tied to earth) and Virgins (there are fewer than Jana would expect). Jana's boyfriend and love of her life - Michael - is still in the land of the living. Michael is Romeo to Jana's Juliet and as the story goes...even death can't keep them apart. Tired of waiting for him to kill himself over his grief of losing her, Jana decides she needs to do it for him. To kill Michael she'll need the help of a dangerous and sexy Slider - Mars Dreamcoate. But Mars has a goal of his own: he wants to save a life to atone for having taken one in a drunk-driving accident. And to complicate matters, he was trying to save Jana when she died and saw what was really going on when her 'accident' happened. Jana decides to do whatever it takes to get Michael back, and nothing - not even Mars' warm touch or the devastating secret he holds about her death - will stop her.

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Dead Rules took me by surprise. I loved it! The characters made realistic choices, the story was interesting and the whole concept is one I'd love to revisit.

Jane loves Michael a lot. So much that she doesn't want to be dead without him. She'd rather he join her at dead school. That only made me like Jane. She was different. Some characters in books are so heroic and perfect that while I admire them and think they awesome, I'm intimidated by how good they are. Having a character like Jane who was good but wanted this over everything was refreshing. Jane was so unique and determined. She was ruthless to get what she wanted. I won't forget about this girl.

The plot itself wasn't too complicated. Somehow it was addictive though. The story wraps itself up at the end and it's satisfying, but it leaves you wanting more. I want to know more about Mars and the sliders and how they're different compared to the Risers. I wouldn't object to a short story.

There is a fair deal of darkness here too. Dead Rules makes you think of love, following the rules and morality. I loved that part. The story wasn't very unpredictable but I liked it a lot. Something about it hooked me in... Very readable.

Overall, Dead Rules is awesome, fun and entertaining. Teenage love, death, redemption, all the good stuff can be found here. 4 stars,



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