Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cover Wars: The Selection vs Darkness Before Dawn

Hey everyone! Welcome to another brilliant edition of Cover Wars, hosted at Tantalizing Illusions! Cover Wars is a little feature all about appreciating covers. Every week there is a showdown between two covers- a "Defender" (last week's winner) and a "Challenger" (a new cover). Both covers will fight for the most votes and the winner will continue on to next week's battle. This is my way of appreciating the beauty of YA covers. 

Last week The Selection dominated The Golden Lily. This week it's back to fight against a new, darker cover, Darkness Before Dawn by J.A. London. 

The Selection (The Selection, #1)vsDarkness Before Dawn

What do you guys think? Both covers feature girls in pretty dresses that have layer. Both covers have the girls hiding their faces in some way. They both manage to have very different vibes and I'm really curious to see which cover will come out on top. 

Now that you've seen the competitors, it's time to VOTE!! Vote for your favourite cover on the right and be sure to let me know your choice and your thoughts in the comments. Or if you have any suggestions for future Cover Wars, also let me know. 

And if you like Cover Wars at Tantalizing Illusions, you'll love The Book Faery's Cover Wars! 

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  1. Both covers look gorgeous but I've to admit that I prefer The Selection's ! I love the dress the girl wears and the fact that we can make ou other girls wearing the same thing in the background (or is it the same girl?) is very puzzling :) !!


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