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Book Blogger Confessions (1)

I know I'm a little late joining, but I really wanted to participate since I think this sounds like a great meme.

Book Blogger Confessions is a meme hosted by Tiger from All Consuming Books and Karen from For What It's Worth Reviews all about blogging experiences, issues, whatever. It will be be posted on the first and third Monday of every month and I strongly encourage you to check out their blogs for more information, as well as a linky to everyone else's answers. 

Or for more information, read this post. 

This week's question is: 

How has the "job" of book blogging changed your reading habits? Both pro and con.


I read much more and I realize the value of a book so much more. 

Blogging has made me read more than ever. Reading isn't some solo, individual act I do anymore. It's not something I feel alone in doing. Before blogging, I thought no one else ever read as much as I did. I knew other people that read similar books, but not as much. It felt like I was weird to read so much and care so much about books. Ever since I started a blog I've realized other people care about books as much as I do, and even more! There are so many fabulous blogs showing such dedication that just really enhances the reading experience. 

Seeing posts everyday about books and all the cool books people are excited about as certainly expanded my TBR. I don't think I'd have read even a 1/4 of the books I do if not for blogging. For example, before blogging I would not read contemporary. My only experience with contemporary was Gossip Girl, The A-List, The Clique and all and those are fine books but after a while I felt like I got tired of them. Blogging has introduced me to many more contemporary reads like If I Stay, Between Shades of Gray and The DUFF to name a few. 

Nowadays, every time I read a book I think of all the work that went in it. I read the blurbs carefully, I think of what the cover is trying to say, and I all out examine the book in a completely different way. I am much more respectful of books since I now have an inkling of what publishers and authors go through for each book and I can fully appreciate a book even more. 


Reading is now much more stressful. I have more to read, I have to read it "better" (more carefully, questioning how I feel about the book) and I have to read it faster. It means I have to change my reading habits and reading is more than just a hobby now. I can't just simply pick up a random book. I have a whole schedule I need to follow. It's kind of overwhelming. 

I miss the days when I could just simply enjoy a book without having to explain to myself why I enjoy it. Analyzing a book makes its faults more apparent so I think- and this is awful, but it may be true- that I like books in general less in some level. Reading slumps are more common and reading feels like a job sometimes.

And since I'm not the kind of person that can end on a negative note:

But blogging is exactly what I needed, as a reader. I think my reading would have slowed down if I didn't take the step to the "next level". I'm passionate and always 100% into my interests. Without people to talk books to, I wouldn't have continued reading half as much as I do now. 

I know sometimes I complain about how reading feels like work now that there's so much pressure behind it, but sometimes that's a good thing. Reading is even more rewarding than ever. Every time I get a comment on a review, it instantly brightens my day. Having a review request for a book I really want makes me jump up and down. Even though blogging has gotten me to reach new reading lows, it's also gotten me to reach highs that I would never have had if I hadn't started a book blog. 

My point? It's worth it. 


*ahem* Sorry for that reaallly long answer... did I mention how much I love to talk? Anyway, thanks for visiting and I'd love if you'd share your thoughts in the comments. Happy blogging!


  1. Awesome answer! Yes, reading as a book-blogger can get insanely stressful what with trying to compose thoughtful, concise reviews, but the great blogging community and the "push" to become a better and smarter reader is just plain wonderful. :-)

  2. We all seem to miss the days we didn't have to review a book, lol. I agree on the point that you now think about the people behind the book and all the work that was put into it. But opposite of you, I think I read less now. Because you feel this pressure everytime you read a book that it stresses you out more when you are starting a book. : /

    Mary | Anxirium


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