Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm NOT a Proffesional

I've been reading my reviews and realizing how less formal they sound with each one. To be honest though, they sound like me. I'm in no way a professional reviewer. I do it for fun, and I mostly end up gushing when I love a book, or being slightly calmer, but a bit disappointed if I didn't like a book. I think it's good that I can see more of myself in my reviews. It shows I'm more comfortable reviewing, which is super important because a review should sound like me. Also, it's just way more fun (and interesting) to read and write.

I've also read that each blog should have something that makes it unique. Well to me, the obvious answer is me. I'm unique. My thoughts are unique. Bringing myself into my blog is one thing that make it unique— unless I have some scary doppelgänger or evil twin, but I haven't seen any of those so so far, I'm safe.

No, don't worry! I won't go sloppy on you! I promise to always have a book cover, synopsis, actual capitalization and as good grammar as I possibly can in my reviews. The content will just be more liberal. It will truly be my thoughts with less of a limitation.

By now, you're probably wondering what's the point of this post. It's because I want to know what other bloggers think. Am I way out of line? Do you like to read more professional reviews? Any opinions whatsoever are welcomed. :)

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PS: I actually do have two more reviews ready to post, but I'm interested in what people think of reviewing styles first. And this just possible may have been thought of because some drama I heard whispers of in the YA bloggoverse.

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