Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review: Haven

Haven (Winterhaven, #1)

*looks around at the tumbleweeds* Best way to explain my absence is I needed a break. I was getting overwhelmed and I needed to take a step back, catch up on my reading and stuff. Anyway, on to the review!

Author: Kristi Cook
Pages: 320
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Source: Library
Challenge: Debut Author Challenge
Synopsis: Violet McKenna isn’t a normal girl with normal teenage issues; she has more to contend with than most people could handle. Violet thought she was just crazy when she had a vivid vision of her dad’s murder. Her life started falling apart when her premonition came true. She’s had flashes of other events too. The problem was nobody believed her until she found a new school: Winterhaven.  

At Winterhaven, Violet finally feels like she belongs. She quickly finds a close group friends and discovers that they too have psychic ‘gifts’—as do all the students at Winterhaven. But as soon as she feels settled she discovers the most intriguing and alluring boy she has ever met, and things quickly go awry. As the attraction between them grows, intense visions of the boy’s death start to haunt her. In her premonitions the secret he is unwilling to share begins to reveal itself. And to Violet's horror, she learns that their destinies are intertwined in a critical- and deadly- way.

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Wow, Haven was a way better read than I thought it would be. I shouldn't be surprised though. I've always had a thing for paranormal boarding schools even though I know they're overdone.

Violet herself seemed very ordinary and a bit boring and unsure of herself in the beginning. By the end of the book though I much preferred her. She was passionate about what and who she wanted plus I started to like her by then. She wasn't my favorite character but as MCs go, she was decent.

Don't hate me for saying this but at the beginning there were scenes that were very similar to Stephenie Meyer's books. There were many ideas from Haven that I'd read of before in other series so I wasn't shocked at the plotline. Happily by the end, Haven made itself its own story. The beginning was a bit slow with the hot and cold relationship troubles but I still read this book quickly. It was a smooth read and it was easy to get wrapped up in what was happening.

After the interesting end I was left with as many questions was from the realm of typical paranormal romance, there were some good ideas that have so much potential. I expect great things from the next book in the Winterhaven series.

Overall another light paranormal read that has huge readability and is entertaining. 3.5 stars,

*** & 1/2 *

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