Saturday, December 17, 2011

Non-Bookish Interests (1) : Hockey

OMG. Is it even possible? P.E. does things that do not involve books, blogging or reading? Yes, yes, it's true. I love reading but books aren't my entire life. There is more to me than that. That's why for the next while, every week I'll be posting about something that does not include books but is a part of my life. This way, you'll know the blogger behind the blog. Plus, I get to rant tell you all about my interests. It's a win/win situation.

So. Me.

You know I'm a Canadian right? And what do Canadians love? Let's go down the list.

- beavers
- maple syrup
- poutine
- hockey
- tuques

Wait a minute. Go back up. Hockey. That is one of my biggest current interests. Yes, this tiny bookish girl is a closet hockey addict.

It all started in Grade 2 when the giant Ottawa Senator's mascot, Spartacat visited my class because we won some reading thing. We had a pizza day, they gave out Senators binders, and everyone dressed up to show their Senators pride. Grade 2 me had a lot of fun and since then I've always liked the Senators.

When I saw my dad watching hockey, I started to sit and watch with him. It's one of the few interests we have in common.

 And that brings me to today. I now love hockey even more and I'm starting to understand it. I love to watch the Senators play though it doesn't bother me at all whether they win or lose. The way they play is so highly entertaining. 

Nothing is as addicting and thrilling as a hockey game. I always find myself so energized after a game. Especially a close game, or a game that is just plain fun to watch. If you know even a little bit about the Senators, you'll know they fight to the end, so they end up with many close games.This makes for highly entertaining games as everyone plays all out. 

For example, that last game against the Pittsburgh Penguins? I had the biggest grin on my face and I was jumping up and down the whole time. (If you want a recap of game highlights, check it out here!)

That's my first interest. Watching hockey. I'm trying to get lessons so I can learn how to play myself. It's my favourite sport and a high speed, high energy game. I love it!

So how about your interests? Do you love to watch a particular sport? Do you play one? Are you a fellow hockey fan? If so, what team? Let me know it all in the comments!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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