Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spotlight on.... Blog Designs: Their Importance

The first thing most people notice when they look at the blog is the design. The colours, the headers, the background. It's like the cover of a book being the first thing we see. They're our first impression.

We know that, but how important can a great design really be? That's my question for today.

Personally when I visit different blogs during hops, the ones with pretty designs strike me the most. I'm an universal lover of pretty things and a pretty designs are a part of that. I think that I'm more likely to think a blog is professional if they have a professional looking design.

On the other hand, content should always be more important than design, right? No point having a pretty blog if you have no real content to post. I think most bloggers can agree that content is infinitely more important.

I'm going to end off with this question:

There are two blogs. One with a very simple design and another with much more aesthetic features. They have the same content and market the same. Which one will be more successful and how much more successful do you think?


  1. ALL things equal? The more beautifully designed blog will probably hold our attention more. But very rarely are things actually that equal. So if you're talking mediocre content but great design, versus great content but a basic template, we'd go for the latter every time.

  2. It's a hard question to answer because I have seen blogs that have intricate designs and very interesting/intellectual content that don't do well. But sites with very simple designs and similar interesting/intellectual content (like The Story Siren) are large, well-frequented blog communities. So it's hard to say. I am a firm believer that a lot of blogging is random. Whatever strikes the mood of the viewing/reading population at the moment. But it can change in an instant. The internet is fickle! :D

    All that said, I find your blog both pretty & well-written. Kudos!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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