Monday, August 29, 2011

Cover Wars : Above vs. Still Waters

Cover Wars is a pretty regular feature at Tantalizing Illusions all about covers! It's my way of appreciating them. Basically what happens is every week two covers face off. The Defendant and the Challenger. One cover wins (based on YOUR votes!) and goes to defend it's title the next week against a brand new cover. 

Last week, Above won against Fever. This week, Above is against Still Waters by Emma Carlson Berne. The covers are so different! One is gold-ish and the other one is blue-ish. They both are beautiful and attention drawing though! See for yourself and, though it's hard, vote for your favourite on the poll to the right. 

AbovevsStill Waters

Gorgeous eh? Have fun voting on the poll to the right! 


  1. Oh wow, that is REALLY tough... They are both gorgeous. Well there's 4 of us at WHYA, so can we get multiple votes? ;P

  2. My vote is for Still Waters. I love the clarity of the image and that you can see the girl's face. :)

  3. They're both pretty... And the votes are close so far. :)


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