Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Weekly Progress

Bonjour everyone! So every week as a way to keep organized, I'll be doing my weekly progress thing which is similar to stuff like "Wrap-ups" from other blogs. Though I made this idea up myself, I later saw other blogs already do similar posts. Great minds think alike, eh?

Books Read
Enchanted IvyPegasusHow to Ditch Your FairyLiar

I'm actually surprised I got to read so many seeing as how busy I was!
Currently Reading
Love You Hate You Miss You

5 Next Books I'm ReadingBlood Promise (Vampire Academy, Book 4) I'm listening to the audiobook— my first ever— before I read Last Sacrifice.
Pure Sin (Privilege)Remember Me: Remember Me; The Return; The Last StoryEchoesGifted: Finders Keepers
And since "Blood Promise" might not count as a book I'll be reading...The Glass Demon: A Novel
My Thoughts
Wow, what hectic week! And sadly, it's going to get even worse as I do my first exams ever! Fingers crossed, I won't get anything under an 85. I'm super nervous but it's hard to study when I think of books! Anyway, I really hope I do well and that I survive next week. After next week I'll relax as I start my second (and easier) school semester. I hope everyone had an awesome week and that next week will be even better.




  1. Great book week! I really enjoyed "Enchanted Ivy" and I've heard great things about "Liar".

  2. Liar is fabulous. I've been meaning to post a review when I have the time :)

  3. some of those books look really cool! i think i might read some. :) thanks a bunch for posting this and you should check out my blog too!
    lator gator

  4. Yup, I'm really excited to read them. *goes off to visit your blog*


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