Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thoughts on... Reading Here, There, Everywhere!

I've always been the type of person that finishes a book in no time. Seriously, I'm that girl- the one who reads like a book a day. Except I'm not anymore. For the first time in a long while, I've been so busy I only manage about four chapters a day. It's not a reading slump either, I enjoy very much what I read. My life has inexplicably gotten so much more busy, so I thought I might as well share where/when I do manage to read.

On the bus

Every morning I take a 25 minute or so bus ride to school. I always try to make the most of my time so I try to read on the bus. 

Pros: 25 minutes of reading makes me much calmer and more happy in the mornings. 

Cons: I have to stop reading when I get off the bus... and that's often only after I truly feel into what I'm reading so it's a bit jarring. Also, I kind of want to talk to my friends too and I can only do so many things at once. 

During class

I always bring a book to class in case I have a few minutes to read, or we have free time. In some classes we get specific time just to read. 

Pros: I get to show off and promote the awesome books I get to all my peers. 

Cons: I'm so into what I read sometimes that I miss instructions. Also, reading in class isn't usually very continuous. If a teacher notices I have nothing to do, (which is rare in 11th grade) they'll give me something to do. Which sucks. 

When I come home after school 

Ahh, school's over. NOW I can read. Let me bring my bag upstairs to my room and then relax on the bed until my family gets home. 

Pros: Continuous, relaxing, uninterrupted reading time.  

Cons: If I read too early on, I have issues stopping. I have no self control and I will neglect my homework for a really good book. I'm also generally very hungry right after school and I don't want to spill crumbs on my books. 

Before I go to bed

I'm on my bed, relaxing. I've done pretty much all I could do and I decide to end the day with some reading. 

Pros: Comfy, nice, soothing, and potential unlimited amount of time. 

Cons: Staying up too late (anyone else notice their sense of time while reading is completely out of whack?) as well as falling asleep because I'm usually so tired. 


I've noticed the best time to read is anytime. Just read as much as you can at any point in the day because it will add up. And don't be upset with yourself for not having time to read. There's always tomorrow. No specific time of day is perfect for reading... at least on a weekday, imo. What do you think? When/where do your read? 


  1. Like you, we fit reading in wherever we can. (Time thieves! Snatching as much as possible!) While cooking, folding laundry, waiting in line, etc. But our favorite is definitely when an afternoon or evening stretches out before us, deliciously empty, and we can fill it with a book we're falling in love with. ;)

    1. I love that. I also love when it's snowing and reading in bed with some hot chocolate... :)


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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