Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cover Wars: Flutter vs Boundless

I haven't been around as much as usual so Cover Wars was temporarily delayed last week. This week's it's back though, and stronger than ever!

Cover Wars is when I post two covers, and you basically get a week to vote for your favourite. The winner continues on to next week, and it's kind of cool seeing which covers work and which don't. In the comments section we can discuss what we like about what cover, and it's basically some fun and friendly competition.

Flutter continues to dominate the competition with a convincing win against With All My Soul. Can Flutter continue it's winning ways against Boundless by Cynthia Hand?

FlutterBoundless (Unearthly, #3)

Both of these covers focus on one colour- a warm amberish colour for Flutter, and a more purplish colour for Boundless. They both feature gorgeous font, and pretty female cover model. It's hard to pick which one you prefer, but I'm making you do it. Which cover do you consider more beautiful? 

Pick your favourite and vote in the poll below! Remember you can vote all week, so make sure to share and leave a comment! 

Let the Cover Wars begin! 

Which is your favourite cover?

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