Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Bookish Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is an awesome meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and though I very rarely participate in any type of meme anymore (I admit I suck) I thought the topic was interesting so I'm participating this week. Plus, I don't think you guys want yet another review.

So here are my top ten bookish and bloggish confessions.

1. I have a schedule for every book I read. It goes something along the lines of 3-4 library books, review books, and then personal titles. 

2. I rarely read books I got just for myself and not from the library or for review. It took me more than a year to read Angelfire, not because it was awful (it was pretty awesome) but because there are so many other books in the way. 

Angelfire (Angelfire, #1)3. I never review more than one book on Netgally because I forget about them. Never mind my Kobo is broken right now (*sobs*) but in general I never use it. I have library books and review titles. I've forgotten ebooks before because I'm not used to them. I'll always review a hard copy faster than an ecopy. 

4. Before reading a book, I will search on Goodreads for a 5 star review and a 1 star review. I feel like that way I'll temper my expectations and I'll be better informed. 

5. I usually read longer reviews. I want someone to be specific about things they liked and didn't like, and I want details. I mostly write my reviews in a sort of essay format- intro, three paragraphs (about plot/characters/setting/interests/likes/dislikes), and conclusion (where I'll give a star rating). 

6. My new star rating system: 
1 star= Didn't like the book.
2 stars= An okay read, didn't particularly enjoy it but not too bad. 
3 stars= Liked the book. 
4 stars= Wow, really great read. 
5 stars= You can not top this. Everything I want from a book, no weaknesses, incredible. 
This rating system may not be visible yet (since most reviews i post here are very old). 

7. I use a mathematical approach to give a final star rating. Each book can get 1 to 5 points in the following categories: setting, my interest when reading, plot, characters, and mythology (I mostly read paranormals, but if contemporary it will be something like how realistic the book is). 

8. I dog ear books. Bad habit, I know. Since I've gotten some awesome bookmarks from authors I've stopped doing it as much. 

9. I prefer paranormal/fantasy to contemporary. Best books I've ever read have been in those two genres, no matter how much contemporary I read. 

10. On the library catalogue, mostly I pick books based on cover without reading the summary. If a cover makes a book look like it's in my genre, I'll probably request it 

So those are some of my confessions. I could probably go on, but more than 10 is overkill. What are some of yours? And thanks for visiting! 


  1. 1 year? LOL. I remember it took me 1 whole month to finish Angelfire and after, I wasn't able to review it because I already forgot some of the things that happened.

    I can't ever bring myself to dog ear a book except if I have a duplicate copy. That's why I always buy the ebook version of the books I love so I can bookmark my favorite scenes.

  2. I prefer fantasy to pretty much all other genres as well and I also prefer to read long reviews.

  3. I'm not huge into contemporary either - I have to read the book summary ... otherwise I'm lost.


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