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Review: Eternal

Eternal (Immortal, #3)

Author: Gillian Shields
Pages: 368
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Source: Library
Challenge: Ultimate Reviewer's Challenge
Synopsis: This third book about the Mystic Sisterhood at Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies is another romantic thriller with paranormal elements and deep mystery. This time our heroine is Sarah Fitzalan, the dependable, faithful friend to Evie and Helen, her sisters in the Mystic Way. But this term Sarah finds that their friendship is tested to the limits. Evie is turning her back on the Mystic Way after the sisterhood laid her beloved Sebastian’s soul to rest; Helen is distracted; and a new girl, wild child Velvet Romaine, seems set on stirring up more trouble at Wyldcliffe. Sarah struggles to keep the sisterhood together as the threat of attack from the dark coven looms. 

All Sarah has to keep her going is her connection with her earth powers and a promise she cannot break. Must she sacrifice herself for the sake of her friends and sisters? Will her sisters join her, or will help come from unexpected sources, like her Romany ancestors, and a love she’d only just dared hope for?

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I didn't know what to expect going into Eternal. I had read Betrayal and Immortal all in Evie's perspective so I was surprised upon getting the book that the story was about Sarah. That made sense; Evie's story was finished. I enjoyed reading about Evie's romance with Sebastian but Eternal was about Sarah.

Sarah has always felt like the supportive best friend. She's kind and helps everyone but secretly she wants her own story. I was fascinated by her character. She had a very distinctive personality and I was really curious about her part in the story.

The other characters we've known are there as well as Velvet Romaine, the rich rock star's daughter who's role in everything hasn't been revealed yet. I, again, liked the characters but I didn't love them. Some parts that were meant to be devastating got from me a reaction of basically thinking "That sucks!" and then continuing on. I'm not sure why I wasn't so emotionally invested in the story- I was more so in Evie's. Perhaps it's because I miss reading about Sebastian who I did care about.

Plot wise, there was a lot of suspense and build up. There was again a big mystery and almost the entire book was waiting for the big finish and what would happen. I liked that there was mystery and suspense but I wished all throughout there was as much action as in the end. I know that's impossible but just wanting more action to keep me more focused and hooked would have helped make the book even better.

Eternal is a book that was good but that didn't satisfy me. I think it's personal because I didn't love the story even though it was well done. If you've read the other books, be sure to read Eternal. It ends with a promise for much bigger and possibly awesome things to come . 3 stars,


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