Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Weekly Progress (Non-stop Babbling Edition)

Sigh... School has (kinda) started. Last week, I went to do some volunteer thing at school from Wednesday to Friday and it showed me how hard it will be to blog consistently with school. I think I can manage it though with some actual use of a calendar (I hate schedules).

So, I'm probably going to be consistently inconsistent starting from this inconsistent feature that is supposed to be posted every Sunday but hasn't been posted for like a month. Well then. I'll stop with the inane ramblings now.

All book covers link to Goodreads.

Books Read

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1)The Far WestThe Forsaken (The Forsaken, #1)

Yes, I had a freaking FANTASTIC book week. I may have not read very much, but seriously I had a lot of fun reading and reviewing (reviews written for The Forsaken and The Immortal Rules) these books. I cant pick a favourite because they all literally were strong in very different areas. The Far West is a pretty unknown book in a great series so I totally recommend checking the series out. It's so fascinating!

Currently Reading

Of Poseidon (Of Poseidon, #1)

I still love the cover. Just sayin', but it may not be the best representation of the book because the story so far feels pretty light and is surprisingly humourous at times.

Next I'll Be Reading

Light from a Distant Star: A NovelStruck (Struck, #1)Underworld (Abandon Trilogy #2)

Light From a Distant Star is for review, so I'm expecting some good things. Struck and Underworld both look like some fun paranormal reads. I think this week will continue my good books streak! 

Other stuff & recap 

In other news, The Ultimate Reviewers' Challenge is over. Boo. I hope you all enjoyed the crazy amount of reviews. I'm going to try to be a little more balanced now. Something really awesome happened and I won Prize Pack 1 from For What It's Worth! I am beyond excited about that- I did a happy dance when Karen emailed me. :) 

Also, last week's Cover Wars was freaking INSANE. I set a new page view record for Cover Wars- 103. Wow. Thank you all for visiting and voting, it truly means a lot! I hope you guys stick around for tomorrow's Cover Wars! 

I actually managed to participate in some kind of meme last week. Crazy, but I did a Top 10 Bookish Confessions post.

I also reviewed a bunch of books, but Code Name Verity was one of my favourites. Check out my review of it!

Really Random Thought

My computer, phone, and every other spell check in the world is annoying me. I AM CANADIAN. I spell honour, flavour, and favourite differently than Americans. Don't you dare change it without me noticing. *I'm looking at you iPod* 

In Conclusion

I'm kind of crazy right now. Pretty hyper which is weird because I'm really hungry but won't let myself eat until I finish this post. Probably some back to school nerves, because this year will definitely be very different from others (from a social standpoint) and I'm honestly not sure what to expect. I'm hoping for an awesome year for me, and a great week for you too, especially if you're still reading this post. Books-wise, I'm set. :) 

Thanks for visiting! 


  1. Congratulations on winning the challenge!!!

    I'll look forward to your Of Poseidon review. I didn't hate it but I was a little disappointed in it.

    I would just love if my phone spellchecked to anything resembling a word lol "favorite" could come out flavoring or flavanoid or favnoid....

    1. Thanks again for hosting!

      I can kind of see what you mean by Of Poseidon because so far it's not what I'm expecting. I type ALL my reviews on my iPod so by now I've gotten crazy good at writing on it. :p

  2. I'm Canadian too, and every time autp-correct takes the "u" out of my words I just want to scream. Also, I read and loved Code Name Verity so I'm happy you liked it :)

    Chloe @ YA Booklover Blog

    1. It sure is annoying. I have no idea how to change my laptop's language settings- last time I attempted to do something I got the accented french e's everywhere instead of punctuation. I learnt my lesson.

      I'm also glad you liked Code Name Verity! Great writing, intriguing plot= good book.


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