Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cover Wars: Asunder vs Flutter

Cover Wars is when I post two covers, and you basically get a week to vote for your favourite. The winner continues on to next week, and it's kind of cool seeing which covers work and which don't. In the comments section we can discuss what we like about what cover, and it's basically some fun and friendly competition.

We have a new champion! Asunder managed to knock out Alice in Zombieland, but it was close. Very close. This week, Asunder will face another pretty cover. Asunder vs. Flutter is this week's Cover Wars.

Asunder (Newsoul, #2)Flutter

Battle of the cool colours, fonts, and faces. Asunder is obviously the more cooler cover with the colder, more neon colours while Flutter is warmer but also has its fair share of colours. I also adore the fonts on both covers. Seriously, I almost never comment on this but I had to this time because they're so pretty!

Now it's up to you to decide which cover is the best. Vote now and leave a comment sharing your vote!

Let the Cover Wars... Begin!

Which is your favourite cover?

Remember, you have all week to vote so spread the message! :)


  1. I like both covers but I had to go with Flutter just love the way it turn out with the writing with it.

  2. LOVE the cover for Flutter! Asunder looks nice, but it's pretty harsh on the eyes, where Flutter's is soft with earthy tones much easier to read. <3 Good luck Melissa Andrea! :D

  3. Thank you a ton girls!! & Thank you P.E! I had people come & follow you too! I see a few of them have. Your blog is beautiful by the way!

  4. Flutter. The writing is better and it looks mysterious and... dreamy. I love it!

  5. Overall both covers are beautiful, but I love the warmer tones on the Flutter cover.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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