Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cover Wars: Want vs Days of Blood and Starlight

Cover Wars is when I post two covers, and you basically get a week to vote for your favourite. The winner continues on to next week, and it's kind of cool seeing which covers work and which don't. In the comments section we can discuss what we like about what cover, and it's basically some fun competition.

Sorry for the late post... school's finishing up and I've been trying to finish all my summative assignments on time while still reading a decent amount. Anyway, back to the actual post. 

Last week's battle was crazy. Both covers had a lot of support, but Want got the most votes! Congratulations to Stephanie Lawton! Want now gets to go against another stunning cover, Days of Blood and Starligh by Laini Taylor. This will be a real battle since both covers are pretty in different ways. Want is more classic while Days of Blood & Starlight has a more contrasting, darker feel. It's up to you guys to vote for your favourite cover! They're both worthy of winning. And let the Cover Wars... begin!

WantvsDays of Blood and Starlight (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #2)

Remember to share your thoughts in the comments and vote on the poll on the sidebar to the right! :)


  1. We're biased because we are SO MADLY IN LOVE with Laini Taylor and her DOSAB trilogy, but we can't help it. We adore the DOBAS cover! It's striking and haunting and fits so well with the other.

    1. I do love how the covers of that series match too. DOSAB is so mysterious looking. :)


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