Saturday, December 25, 2010


Before starting to write reviews, I thought I should introduce myself. I'm a teen who spends way too much time reading. I only watch tv shows I really like. I don't listen to much music besides top charts and radios. I'm in high school so I don't really read and adult level novels yet.

 I think for this blog, I'll write a post every week or so, and I think people should feel free to comment on my reviews. We all have different opinions so just because I like something doesn't mean everyone else will like it too. To be honest, I'm not sure how good of a reviewer I am, but I promise to try my best. For now I'm not doing any giveaways since I'm a bit broke but I probably will in the future. I hope people like my blog and reviews. I'm new to blogging and I'm trying to learn quickly and I would appreciate all help! If anyone wants me to follow or view their blog, i'd be happy to as long as they told me in an email.
How I review is by giving stars.

5 stars means absolutely amazing. This would be an all-time favorite. I don't have many five stars at the moment.

4 stars means I really like it. Most books I think are very good are in this category.

3 stars means it's average. It's a book I enjoyed and I will read the sequels but it's lacking something special that makes me love it.

2 stars means I thought it was okayz I'm sure there are people who may enjoy the book but I didn't.

1 star means I really didn't like it. I probably won't post reviews of 1 star books but if someone asks, I will.

I really hope this blog goes well and is helpful,

- P

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